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EvenMore classic screenshotEvenMore is a freeware textviewer for the Amiga written in AmigaE and ECX. This is my first project on the Amiga and I have been developing it since 1996. I decided to start programming EvenMore because I wanted to learn to program on the Amiga. I didn't like any of the textviewers that were available, they had a lot of functions but weren't very much to look at. So I decided to write my own textviewer.


Plugin system for file conversion of many popular formats
Open multiple files
Seamless browsing of archives and directories in the main windowEvenMore MorphOS screenshot
Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide and other formats
Support for standard ANSI escape code sequences styles
Extra custom escape code sequences for full colour text and additional styles
Support for true colour graphics on all Amiga systems
ARexx port for remote control
Configurable GUI using MUI 3.8+
Locale support
Unlimited bookmarking system

File support

General plugins
Archives supported by XadMaster

File conversion formats
Rich Text Format
WordPerfect 5, 6, X7
WordWorth 3-7

XML formats
Plain text and HTML emails
The following formats require Unzip to be in C: to work
Microsoft DocX
OpenOffice ODT
Scriba SCT (basic)
KWord KWD (basic)

Download - Version 0.91

Amiga OS 3 - EvenMore.lha - Readme
MorphOS - EvenMore_MOS.lha - Readme
Amiga OS 4 - EvenMore_OS4.lha - Readme
AmiKit - EvenMore_AmiKit.lha - Readme
Plugin source - EvenMorePlugins.lha - Readme


EvenMore manual

Contact me

Email - chris@prophecynews.co.uk

BoingAmiga Computing (Mar-97) - cover disk
'even though this is an early version it is very good'

BoingAmiga Format (May-99) - PD select
'easy to use and highly functional'

BoingAmiga Format (Dec-99) - PD select
'EvenMore has a toolbox bursting with features'

BoingAmiga Format (Chr-99) - cover disk
'EvenMore comes armed with a barrage of additional features'

To Do

Consider how to port to AROS if possible.


Polish catalog has been updated.

Created a Pipe2Text plugin for the PIPE: handler, so you can load files from the PIPE: device. This required alterations to the main executable code.
EvenMore AmiKit GUI is now based on the MorphOS version, and uses datatypes to load the icon images.

Added some escape code sequences that were missing. ESC[8m will make the text colour the same as the background and ESC[28m will return it to normal.
ESC[39m will set the text to the default colour. ESC[49m will set the background to the default colour.

Optimised menu code and directory colour code, removing the need for strings for checking menu items and converting hexadecimal to decimal.
S. Hawamdeh has updated his Italian catalog translation.

Updated catalogs with extra strings for gadget help bubbles.
Linked lists now keep a record of how many nodes they have, which saves counting them when opening a file through the plugins.

Text highlighting is now stored for each opened file.

Made a basic EvenMore png icon for MorphOS and OS4.

Stefan Haubenthal has very kindly updated the German catalog.
S. Hawamdeh has also very kindly supplied an Italian catalog translation.

Fixed bad bug. Line printing routine was not checking for empty lines, which was causing bad crashes when using the file conversion plugins.
Preferences window title now uses translation catalog string.
Iconify icon will now be the EvenMore program icon rather than the default MUI icon.
File information routine was not checking for empty lines, which could cause a crash.

MorphOS version now uses PNG images from Ambient/Ed for the GUI.
Images for MorphOS version are now loaded using MUI 4's DtPic class.

Fixed bug in colour rows code that was stopping it from working on MUI4. Had been using StringF() instead of AstrCopy() to update an ARRAY OF CHAR string.

Anthony has very kindly created a Greek catalog for EvenMore.

Added PopPen buttons to preference plugin so you can change the colours of directory listings. Also updated Dir2Text and Arc2Text plugin to use this.

Javier de las Rivas has very kindly updated the Spanish catalog file.

Fixed bug. Keyboard remapping was not being done for numeric keypad scroll.

RAMIGA+Q will now close EvenMore. Also fixed shortcuts for Information and Bookmarks, they were round the wrong way.

HTML2Text will now check file extension as well as checking header for HTML.

Arc2Text plugin will now use XadMaster to view and extract archives. Removed Arc2Text preference plugin as it is no longer needed. Still requires Unzip in C: in order to open OpenOffice, DocX, and similiar files, as these are not recognized by XadMaster.

Removed Becker2Text and Troff2Text plugins as I haven't been working on them for a while and they probably don't work too well.

Added XadUnFile command to Arc2Text plugin. This should allow EvenMore to browse more archives. Would like to do it through the XadMaster library direct but it seems complicated at the minute. ISO and Rar added at the minute.

Fixed bug in XML converter. Was not declaring the colour table as I was for the HTML converter.

Added w:highlight command to DocX XML converter.

Added Directory and Colour rows strings to catalog files.

Added Colour rows option to the preferences. This will change the paper colour on alternate rows in the Dir2Text plugin. May add option for choosing colours later.

Fixed bug in text selection. Some escape sequences were not being skipped properly by this function, which meant the selected text would not appear directly under the pointer in some cases.

Fixed bug in wordwrapping plugin. Was sometimes wrapping in the middle of a paper or pen colour escape command.

Added Colour rows to Arc2Text plugin.

AmiKit version will now use the ScrollRaster() kludge to improve visual refresh when scrolling.

Fixed bug. Search wasn't going past a *CBAR or *CEND escape command.

Fixed bug. Starting line for searches was not set to 0 on opening. This meant if you searched for a string before scrolling the text it could crash.

Mikhail Malyshev has very kindly updated the Russian catalog for EvenMore.

Fixed bug. If font was not specified, default font would not open. System font will be used in this case.

Added PLAIN TEXT and HEXADECIMAL strings to catalog files.

Fixed bug. A line of code had been deleted breaking automatic scrolling in the word search function.

Fixed a bug in the search function. Was searching an additional character at the end of each line, which could have caused a crash in certain cases.

File and search strings now use MUI class BetterString MCC.

Clipping will only be done if the longest line in the file is wider than the window. This should speed up scrolling slightly.