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EvenMore classic screenshotEvenMore is a freeware textviewer for the Amiga written in AmigaE and ECX. This is my first project on the Amiga and I have been developing it since 1996. I decided to start programming EvenMore because I wanted to learn to program on the Amiga. I didn't like any of the textviewers that were available, they had a lot of functions but weren't very much to look at. So I decided to write my own textviewer.


Plugin system for file conversion of many popular formats
Open multiple files
Seamless browsing of archives and directories in the main windowEvenMore MorphOS screenshot
Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide and other formats
Support for standard ANSI escape code sequences styles
Extra custom escape code sequences for full colour text and additional styles
Support for true colour graphics on all Amiga systems
ARexx port for remote control
Configurable GUI using MUI 3.8+
Locale support

File support

General plugins
LhA, LZX, Zip

File conversion formats
Becker (needs updated)
Rich Text Format
Troff (needs updated)
WordPerfect 5, 6, X7
WordWorth 3-7

XML formats
Plain text and HTML emails
Microsoft DocX
OpenOffice ODT
Scriba SCT (basic)
KWord KWD (basic)

Download - Version 0.87

Amiga OS 3 - EvenMore.lha - Readme
MorphOS - EvenMore_MOS.lha - Readme
Amiga OS 4 - EvenMore_OS4.lha - Readme
AmiKit - EvenMore_AmiKit.lha - Readme
Plugin source - EvenMorePlugins.lha - Readme


EvenMore manual

Contact me

Email - chris@prophecynews.co.uk

BoingAmiga Computing (Mar-97) - cover disk
'even though this is an early version it is very good'

BoingAmiga Format (May-99) - PD select
'easy to use and highly functional'

BoingAmiga Format (Dec-99) - PD select
'EvenMore has a toolbox bursting with features'

BoingAmiga Format (Chr-99) - cover disk
'EvenMore comes armed with a barrage of additional features'

To Do

Design MorphOS/OS4 program icon.
Consider how to port to AROS if possible.


Fixed bug. New parent button code was not checking properly to see if a directory was already open before loading it. This resulted in it always loading a directory over the currently opened file. 17/10/15
Fixed bug which caused MUI window clipping to crash on OS4 by recompiling ECX muimaster module as it was out of date.

Scrolling in MorphOS and OS4 will now appear smoother. ScrollRaster() is called first, which scrolls the text but without clearing the new region. ScrollWindowRaster() is then called without scrolling anything to repair any damaged window layers. Is a little bit slower but better looking.

Changing the font will no longer mess up the scrolling. The longest line of each open file will be recalculated after closing the preferences.

Now uses a copy rastport for clearing the background. Saves having to change pens and makes scrolling faster.

Fixed bug. Was using an Intuition routine to clip the window text area, which caused MUI to lock up on simple refresh windows. Changed to using MUI's custom clipping routine.
Cleaned up MUI custom class code for text display. Now uses the set() and get() commands to modify variables. Hope to eventually separate custom class code from main program code completely.

Fixed bug. Quotation marks around the filename were stopping a file from saving if there was a space in the filename.
Parent button will now work inside archives.

Fixed bug which prevented Arc2Text from working on MorphOS. Was using Execute() instead of SystemTagList() to run archive programs.
Fixed bug in Arc2Text which prevented you browsing an archive if it had more than one . in the filename.

Fixed stupid bug which prevented file loading when the drive or drawer had a space in it.
Button images will now be centred to accomodate larger MUI interfaces.

Fixed bug where simple refresh setting in MUI would cause crash if custom text class was trashed.

Fixed bug. If MUI wasn't installed, EvenMore still tried to open a requester to report an error message.

Added the hyperlink command text:a to OpenOffice XML plugin.

Updated OpenOffice XML plugin with the text:s space command.
Fixed paragraph styles in OpenOffice XML plugin. Was not outputting the commands properly to undo the paragraph style.
Added the command to OpenOffice XML plugin.

Fixed bold, italic, underline styles in FinalWriter.

FinalWriter/Copy plugin will now handle strike-through style.

Default size of window will now be half of the visible screen size.

Fixed bug. Initial Text pen colour was set to SHADOW instead of PENTEXT. This resulted in text appearing gray on AmigaOS4.

Fixed stupid bug in memory allocation. Was allocating memory multiplied by SIZEOF CHAR, but AllocMem() and FreeMem() allocate memory in byte size anyway.

XPK plugin is compiled for OS4 now but I haven't tested it yet.
Updated AmigaOS4 directory and document icons.
Powerpacker plugin is compiled for OS4 now but I haven't tested it yet.

If there is no default file specified and EvenMore is launched then an ASL requester will appear allowing the user to specify a file.
OpenURL links should now work on AmigaOS 4.

Added GetInterface() and DropInterface() commands necessary for opening AmigaOS4 libraries. This had been causing the AmigaOS 4 port to crash.
OpenFont will no longer fail if the required font cannot be found. Instead the system default font will be opened. This was what was meant to happen but it wasn't working.
List sorting function (Dir2Text and plugins list) will no longer open utility library every time it is called. Instead the module depends on it already being opened by the main program or plugin. This should speed things up.
Plugins will open up needed libraries on opening now rather than every time a file is converted.
Sped up HTML command parsing routine. Small strings will no longer be checked if the command being searched is longer than the string.
Fixed bug. Plugins sometimes add LF and CR characters as empty lines but the parsing procedure in the main program wasn't handling them properly.
Fixed a couple of buffer over-run bugs on the line parsing routine.

Increased stack size of preference plugin as it could have caused crashes on MUI 3.9.

Preference window will now open on the same screen as EvenMore instead of the default public screen.

Text will now be rendered in true colour on systems with a graphics card installed. This should include Amiga OS 3, MorphOS and hopefully on AmigaOS 4. This has resulted in a significant speed increase. Screens with 8 bits or less will use pens for rendering text.
Fixed bug where pen and paper would not carry over a line if font styles were enabled.

Fixed bug in exe. Removed unnecessary code to remember pen and paper colours across linefeeds. Wasn't working properly and turned out I didn't need it.
Had to split HTML and XML code as it was getting too big for ECX to handle. Also fixed a bug in the HTML2Text plugin where it was not checking for the HTML header correctly.
Fixed StarWriter 5 conversion. Was completely broken.
Arc2Text will now unzip the maindoc.xml file in KWord files (.kwd).