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EvenMore is a textviewer for the Amiga written in AmigaE and ECX. This is my first project on the Amiga and I have been developing it since 1996. I decided to start programming EvenMore because I wanted to learn to program on the Amiga. I didn't like any of the textviewers that were available, they had a lot of functions but weren't very much to look at. So I decided to write my own textviewer.

An early version of EvenMore (v0.33 I think) appeared on the coverdisk of Amiga Computing (RIP) and several versions (v0.49 most recently, I think) appeared on the cover CD of CU Amiga (RIP) and Amiga Format (RIP).

EvenMore is freeware. This means you can use EvenMore as much as you like without having to pay anything. I do not expect anything in return, but if you do want to show your appreciation for it, you could send me your comments.

As you may have noticed, I have uploaded the new EvenMore archive to the website. You can be sure the latest EvenMore will be available here (Since sometimes I take breaks from programming, there may be times when there aren't new updates of EvenMore).

BoingAmiga Computing (Mar-97) - cover disk
'even though this is an early version it is very good'

BoingAmiga Format (May-99) - PD select
'easy to use and highly functional'

BoingAmiga Format (Dec-99) - PD select
'EvenMore has a toolbox bursting with features'

BoingAmiga Format (Chr-99) - cover disk
'EvenMore comes armed with a barrage of additional features'


Increased stack size of preference plugin as it was causing crashes on MUI 3.9.

Preference window will now open on the same screen as EvenMore instead of the default public screen.

Text will now be rendered in true colour on systems with a graphics card installed. This should include Amiga OS 3, MorphOS and hopefully on AmigaOS 4. This has resulted in a significant speed increase. Screens with 8 bits or less will use pens for rendering text.
Fixed bug where pen and paper would not carry over a line if font styles were enabled.

Fixed bug in exe. Removed unnecessary code to remember pen and paper colours across linefeeds. Wasn't working properly and turned out I didn't need it.
Had to split HTML and XML code as it was getting too big for ECX to handle. Also fixed a bug in the HTML2Text plugin where it was not checking for the HTML header correctly.
Fixed StarWriter 5 conversion. Was completely broken.
Arc2Text will now unzip the maindoc.xml file in KWord files (.kwd).

Combined StarWriter2Text and StarWriter52Text into one plugin.
Arc2Text will now open the content.xml of OpenOffice .swx files.
WordPerfect 6-X7 fileformat now supported. Most styles supported. Alignment now supported in WordPerfect 5-5.2 files.

Fixed WordPerfect2Text plugin styles. Shadow, strikethrough and outline will also now be supported.

HTML2Text will now convert OpenOffice .odt files. Most styles are supported.

Arc2Text will now automatically load the content.xml file in OpenOffice files.

Arc2Text will now automatically load the content_char.xml file in a Scriba .sct file, but it won't be interpreted yet as the file format is messy.

Fixed bug in Arc2Text. Unzip was not set to overwrite files if you opened a second .docx file.
Arc2Text will now automatically load the word/document.xml file in a .docx file.

Added text alignment, strike-through, shadow, outline text in .docx files.
Added four new ANSI escape sequences. ESC[67m enables emboss text and ESC[68 disables it again. ESC[69m enables engrave text and ESC[70m disables it again.
HTML2Text will now recognize emboss and engrave text in .docx files.

MorphOS Scriba .sct extension will now be unzipped by Arc2Text plugin.
HTML2Text will now recognize basic Word .docx text styles and colours.

Sped up dir2text plugin by optimizing the directory checking loop.

Amended GUI for Dir2Text, Arc2Text and Generic2Text preference plugins so it will allow resizing of the main preference window.

Generic2Text plugin will now recognize ELF executables from MorphOS if the user has selected to launch them.

Added help bubbles to file gadgets.

Fixed icon imagery. Backgrounds are now transparent, which should look much better on MorphOS. Had to build them into the code to do this.

Fixed bug in HTML plugin. Paper colour was not being set properly after a hyperlink.

It took a long time but finally cracked the AmigaWriter fileformat. Colours, text align and most styles are supported.

WordPerfect plugin will now recognize right and centre aligned text.

StarWriter5 plugin will now handle strikethrough text.
Fixed bug in Wordwrap plugin and clipboard, which meant that an extra character was being copied to the clipboard at the end of each line.

WordWorth plugin will now recognize the right and centre aligned text.
FinalWriter plugin will now recognize right and centre aligned text.
ProWrite plugin will now recognize right and centre aligned text.
RTF plugin will now recognize right and centre aligned text.
PageStream plugin will now recognize right and centre aligned text.

Added a new Escape code. ESC[66m will centre text which follows it.
Added a new Escape code. ESC[65m will undo right and centre text.
Updated HTML plugin to recognize right and centre alignment in p and h1-6 and center.
Fixed bug. Was unnecessarily setting the font soft style of the rastport while parsing lines.
Sped up line display a bit. Added an extra IF block, thus removing the need for checking all font styles every time a line is displayed.

Added a new Escape code. ESC[64m will right align text which follows it.
Updated Dir2Text plugin so that file sizes will be displayed and right aligned using the new escape code.

Uploaded beta AmigaOS 4 port of EvenMore. Untested.

Optimised icon loading and scrolling a little.

Fixed bug. Beveled text and a few other styles weren't working properly when displaying right to left text.

Fixed bug. Dir2Text plugin caused problems if a directory was empty.
HTML2Text plugin will convert &# character commands again.
HTML2Text plugin will trim extra spaces and linefeeds in the file again.
Fixed bug in HTML2Text plugin. Didn't realize that HTML commands inside the preformatted command should be operational.

Fixed a couple of bugs in the HTML2Text colour table allocation. Colour allocation is stored in a nested array and there was the possibility if the HTML was incorrect that the plugin would try to read outside the array.
HTML2Text plugin now recognizes all 140 named web colours.

Rewrote the Guide2Text plugin from the ground up. Uses ReadItem() to parse commands, and copies ordinary text much more efficiently.

Optimized Guide2Text plugin a little by changing LowerStr and StrCmp to the Strnicmp function provided by the utility library.