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EvenMore is a textviewer for the Amiga written in AmigaE and ECX. This is my first project on the Amiga and I have been developing it since 1996. I decided to start programming EvenMore because I wanted to learn to program on the Amiga. I didn't like any of the textviewers that were available, they had a lot of functions but weren't very much to look at. So I decided to write my own textviewer.

An early version of EvenMore (v0.33 I think) appeared on the coverdisk of Amiga Computing (RIP) and several versions (v0.49 most recently, I think) appeared on the cover CD of CU Amiga (RIP) and Amiga Format (RIP).

EvenMore is freeware. This means you can use EvenMore as much as you like without having to pay anything. I do not expect anything in return, but if you do want to show your appreciation for it, you could send me your comments.

As you may have noticed, I have uploaded the new EvenMore archive to the website. You can be sure the latest EvenMore will be available here (Since sometimes I take breaks from programming, there may be times when there aren't new updates of EvenMore).

BoingAmiga Computing (Mar-97) - cover disk
'even though this is an early version it is very good'

BoingAmiga Format (May-99) - PD select
'easy to use and highly functional'

BoingAmiga Format (Dec-99) - PD select
'EvenMore has a toolbox bursting with features'

BoingAmiga Format (Chr-99) - cover disk
'EvenMore comes armed with a barrage of additional features'

MorphOS conversion news

WordWorth2Text plugin now handles strikethrough pen style from WW7.

HTML2Text plugin will now just look for or HTML2Text plugin is now compatible with AbiWord XML files.
Added a new text style for AbiWord. ESC[60m will turn on overline text and ESC[61m will turn it off again.
Added in all 17 standard HTML colour names into the colour conversion routine.

Filetypes plugin now uses a memory buffer for storing the preference file. Saves have to reload it every time a file opens.
Fixed bug. The new MUI interface was opening even if the file had been passed on to the filetypes plugin.

Created outline text style. ESC[52m turns on outline text, and ESC[53m turns it off again. For use in the new PageStream plugin.

Created basic PageStream2Text plugin. Still to implement all of the text styles and colours that it offers.

Fixed bug. Shadow text and strikethrough styles would not carry over to the next line.

Optimized RTF2Text plugin a little. Fixed bug where a line break instead of a space between a command and ordinary text would cause the plugin to skip a word. Also patched a bug in the RTF code generated by LibreOffice on Linux. LibreOffice stores pen 1 as 0, but other pen numbers start at 2.

HTML2Text plugin will now display preformatted text as the system default font.

A bug in the highlighting caused the system default and screen fonts over several lines to be rendered in all the same font.

Added docx to the list of filenames opened by Arc2Text plugin, as these are Zip compressed XML files.

Rewrote HTML conversion routine. This uses Strnicmp() now to search for commands. This is case incenstitive string comparison. Saves having to copy the HTML and do uppercase and then check. Also properly parses the ordinary text between commands, so conversion is much faster now.

Added two new escape codes for the strikethrough text style now used by the HTML2Text plugin. ESC[58m turns on strikethrough and ESC[59m turns it off again.

Added OpenOffice file extension to the Arc2Text.plugin so it will be able to open them (the documents are compressed Zip files). May eventually change this so the Arc2Text plugin checks the file header instead.

Arc2Text plugin will now extract files to a standard memory buffer, to be more compatible with the rest of the plugins. It will still use exec lists for the archive directories though.

Sped up Dir2Text plugin by using pattern matching for the info files instead of StrCmp on each filename.